Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Highlight Reel: Define Worker Placement #boardgamehour

It's Highlight reel time again! 

In case you don't know, because you have stumbled onto this site looking for Her Majesty's Revenues and Customs, each Monday we do #boardgamehour at 2pm (EST) on Twitter.

We like to put together some highlights of what people said during the hour. More and more people are joining in each week, which means more and more tweets! This is great, but it means reading through it all and putting together these posts takes me longer and longer. As a result I am going to do daily small chunks instead of the bigger ones I was doing. This will be quicker and easier to read, and mean that we can spend time doing reviews, comment pieces and telling you about other events (Like the one on Friday - check out the post below).

Here is your highlight real of the day: Define Worker Placement?

@BenRosset "Question for #boardgamehour: when does #workerplacement stop and simple action selection start?  What's the line/definition?"

@BoardGameHour "@BenRosset Your choices can be limit by other peoples decisions is my answer #boardgamehour"

@ECSpiegel "@BenRosset When an action selected blocks others from being able to do so, by physically placing a piece somewhere. #boardgamehour"

@WardenF16 "@BenRosset I would argue when you are constantly shifting the same pieces around #boardgamehour"

@ImBoardWithLife "@ECSpiegel @BenRosset Yeah, that's what I'd generally agree with. exceptions will always exist, but this is a good rule of thumb #boardgamehour"

@BenRosset "@ImBoardWithLife @ECSpiegel I like that definition Eric! @BoardGameHour pretty much said same thing too. #boardgamehour"

Do you think we nailed it? Leave your comments below ;-)

Note: Just so you know why there are sometimes mistakes in my posts... My proof reader just used the sentence "I'm not the most best at English". I'm still laughing!

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