Tuesday, 12 November 2013

Hidden role games you love - Highlight Reel

As with ever week so far, there are far to many tweets for me to highlight them all! Here is just a spattering of the games the #boardgamehour community love to play:

Note (make sure you click the read more option so you don't miss out on the others)

Micah Jo ‏@Bebeness
"All right, hidden roles in board games? I think we all know that Bang! is the most fun hidden-role-party-game ever. #boardgamehour"

Fredrik Malmberg ‏@FredMalmberg
"@BoardGameHour werewolf #boardgamehour"

Tiffany ‏@TheOneTar
"That being said, I do really enjoy Saboteur for a #hiddenRoleGame. It's shorter, less time consuming, and no Cylons. #boardgamehour"

Jennifer Evans ‏@Jubi_Jee
"@WGTabletop @BoardGameHour I think you're right that Love Letter counts! It's such an excellent game! #boardgamehour"

Couple vs. Cardboard ‏@CoupleVs
"Glen loves Bang! Anyone play the dice game yet? #boardgamehour"

Across the Board ‏@Board_Crossing
"Shadows Over Camelot and Mascarade are my favorite #hiddenroles games #BoardGameHour -nicole"

ExiStanc3 ‏@ExiStanc3_rpg
"We've just discovered archipelago last week.Nice hidden role in it. In our first game we all lost.#boardgamehour"

Micah Jo ‏@Bebeness
"That said, a friend told me that Samurai Sword was the better version of Bang! Has anyone played it? Do you know? #boardgamehour"

Daniel Solis ‏@DanielSolis
"If you like Citadels as a hidden role game, I'd highly recommend Mission: Red Planet. Same designer & mechanic, bigger game. #BoardGameHour"

Tiffany ‏@TheOneTar
"Oh yeah! What about Hidden Role games like Lords of Waterdeep or Discworld? Anyone love other games like that? #boardgamehour"

Indie Cardboard ‏@IndieCardboard
"@reldnahcire @TheOneTar Shadows is a favorite in our group, but I agree it can be painful with the wrong people. #BoardGameHour"

Maverick Muse ‏@NigelPyne
"@WGTabletop @BoardGameHour Mission: Red Planet took Citadels to another dimension. #BoardGameHour"

Amy Reid ‏@ByAmyReid
"I'm a fan of ankh-morpork and battlestar, but I always get accused of being a Cylon even if I'm not! #boardgamehour"

MinistryofBoardGames ‏@MofBG
"I'm getting Saboteur for one of my Xmas presents and i'm really looking forward to playing it with my family #boardgamehour"

RhymeReply clues ‏@RhymeReply
"I want to give a shout out to Win, Lose, or Banana from @AsmadiGames . Essentially 3-player werewolf. http://winloseorbanana.com/  #boardgamehour"

Brian Andrews ‏@briandrews1973
"I've also really enjoyed Clans when i've played it. A good abstract game, quick to learn, & lots of playability and strategy. #boardgamehour"

Nick Baker ‏@Nyobari
"Dead of Winter should be the next gen of Hidden Role games. Fixes that semi-coop problem with a simple solution. #boardgamehour"

Meester Pepper ‏@MeesterPepper
"#BoardGameHour Well, added Love Letter and Mascarade to my wish list thanks to you guys. Hopefully it won't be long before I can dig in"

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