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Geoff Engelstein interview Part 3 of 4

Geoff Engelstein#BoardGamersAsk Geoff Engelstein (part 3)

Here is the Penultimate part of this Live Q&A session. Once again thanks to Geoff for taking part :-)

@RMBLees #BoardGamersAsk @gengelstein if you could collaborate on a new game with any designer, who would it be, and why? @BoardGamersAsk

@gengelstein @rmblees I would love to collaborate with Vlaada Chvatil. I find the breadth of his designs astonishing. I love Uwe Rosenberg or Max Gertz (rondel) designs, but I could never revisit the same territory repeatedly. #BoardGamersAsk

@PlayCrossbones #BoardGamersAsk - What are the top three things a designer/publisher should do to promote a new game design and to build an audience?

@gengelstein Top 3 things to promote a new game? I wish I had a magic answer to that! But.. #1: Be active in the community. #2: Understand who the audience is and gear price, graphics, complexity, etc, towards them. #3: Provide good post-release support. Freebies, bonus content, etc. #BoardGamersAsk

@BoardGamersAsk @fraknfrell "for a family of 5 with three kids (7, 9 and 11), would you recommend either, both or neither #SpaceCadets? #BoardGamersAsk"

@gengelstein @fraknfrell You need an even number for Dice Duel, so perhaps SC classic would be better. But with kids that age you need to make sure that you really understand the rules and can 'moderate' and move things along. We've played both SCDD and SC with 7 year olds and it works great. For SCDD I recommend Engineering. For SC Weapon & Tractor #BoardGamersAsk

@watcher_969 #BoardGamersAsk @gengelstein Favorite player color?

@gengelstein Favorite player color? Green. #BoardGamersAsk

@NigelPyne #boardgamersask How quickly do you get an idea to prototype? Do you 'think' about it a lot before prototyping or get it on the table fast?

@gengelstein I usually start with ideas and know what I want the game to be like before playtesting. But sometimes testing takes you in different directions than you expected. But it's usually pretty close. I tend to think ALOT about a game before doing a quick prototype, just due to time constraints. I try to have a good idea of how it will play in my head before roping in players, but I am usually surprised with the reality. If I had a steadier group of playtesters and they didn't mind being pestered I would do a lot more prototyping #BoardGamersAsk

@RhymeReply I'm surprised. Don't you find playtesting a better test of your design than thinking about it? (more efficient) #BoardGamersAsk

@gengelstein I agree that playtesting cuts to the chase faster. But I have limited playtest opportunites so I need to maximize their utility. I do try to push pieces around a bit by myself, but don't count that. #BoardGamersAsk

@watcher_969 #BoardGamersAsk @gengelstein Does a mechanic exist in another medium that is hard to translate to board games?

@gengelstein Mechanics in other media: I really like to transfer video game mechanics into board games. Most challenging is hidden information. That was a big design challenge in The Ares Project, and another game I am actively working on. #BoardGamersAsk

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask @gengelstein who would you request follow you up as a live tweeter for @BoardGamersAsk? What would you ask?

@gengelstein Who would I request as a follow up live tweeter? I saw a talk at PRACTICE last weekend by Rob Daviau and it was fascinating. Expect him on Ludology shortly :) #BoardGamersAsk


@RandomNerdery @gengelstein What games inspired you to become a designer when you were younger? #boardgamersask

@gengelstein What games inspired me to become a designer when I was younger? Hard to say. I've always messed around w/ games. Actually my first published games were both video games for the Apple II in the 80's - Starblast and Panic Button and the initial pitch for Space Cadets was to a video game publisher as an online game. They liked it but pointed out that Puzzle Pirates already existed (which I didn't know about). So we figured out how to do it as a board game #BoardGamersAsk

@RhymeReply #BoardGamersAsk What's your favorite example of counter-intuititive mathematics? Monty Hall? Boy or Girl? Birthday problem? (or some other)

@gengelstein My favorite example of counter-intuitive math is still Monty Hall. I still get into arguments with folks over that. #BoardGamersAsk

More great questions and answers in part 4 which will be posted tomorrow ;-)

#BoardGamersAsk is your chance to ask questions of the "people behind the meeples"

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