Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Geoff Engelstein interview Part 2 of 4

Welcome back for part two of the live #boardgamersask twitter interview that prolific podcaster & game designer Geoff Engelstein. Here are more of the questions from the gaming community.

Geoff Engelstein

#BoardGamersAsk Geoff Engelstein (part 2)

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask Are you at BGGCon?

@gengelstein Unfortunately not at BGGCON. Had a choice between that and Essen, and chose Europe #BoardGamersAsk

@watcher_969 #BoardGamersAsk Have you had a design that ran into a lack of mechanics to support the game you wanted, do you change/scrap the game idea?

@gengelstein @watcher_969 I really want to do a Heist game, but can't figure out how to get mechanics to generate the experience. #BoardGamersAsk

You go onto ask...

@alexnguyen Number of players for Space Cadets: Dice Duel,minimum of 4 because it's not as much fun without all the interaction/yelling? #BoardGamersAsk

@gengelstein @alexnguyen I know people have tried SCDD with 2, but I think it takes lots of the fun out. I love the team aspect. But we did most testing with 2 v 2, so even though many say 3 v 3 or 4v4 is mandatory, I like the small teams also. #BoardGamersAsk

@watcher_969 #BoardGamersAsk @gengelstein If you could design a game within one chosen IP, what IP would that be?

@gengelstein One IP?  I am secretly working on a collection of @ThrillingAdv minigames. I think that would be cool. I would also love to do a Star Wars game. A remake of Freedom in the Galaxy with real IP would be Awesome. #BoardGamersAsk

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask I have to ask, favorite @ThrillingAdv character/world? @gengelstein

@gengelstein Favorite @ThrillingAdv chars? I'm a big Beyond Belief fan But one of my ideas is a Sparks Nevada / Jupiter Spy werewolf #BoardGamersAsk

@RhymeReply #BoardGamersAsk Ludology is a great podcast. How much time does it take away from other things (like designing games)?

@gengelstein @rhymereply Ludology takes about 90 minutes to record and 30 to edit.  I think about the topic for another 2-3 hours but that's usually while doing other stuff like driving.  Ironically GameTek takes about as much time together as a Ludology episode, even though Ludology is 10x as long. #BoardGamersAsk

@watcher_969 #BoardGamersAsk @gengelstein Are there mechanics you enjoy to design a game around? Do you need a game 1st, mechanics 2nd?

@gengelstein @watcher_969 I am an 'experience first' guy. What I want the players to feel? What stories to tell? Then mechanics. I strongly believe you need the 'experience' as a beacon for when you get lost in the wilderness of game design. #BoardGamersAsk

Mmore great questions and answers... Part 3 will be posted tomorrow ;-)

#BoardGamersAsk is your chance to ask questions of the "people behind the meeples"

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