Thursday, 28 November 2013

Format of Fridays #BoardGamersAsk

Most of the time #BoardGamersAsk will be done using our live Twitter Q&A format with a board game industry insider, lasting roughly an hour. 

There are two main reasons why this would be different:
1) When our guest of the week is answering your questions in a different way (Such as in the case of Scott who is, and how cool is this, answering your questions via a video) 
2) A guest is not able to take part at short notice. (this has to be planned for, but hopefully wont happen)

So what’s the alternative format?
If our guest is not live, such as this week, we will split the hour into two. We will start by submitting questions in the normal way, using the hashtag. These will be collected by me and sent to the guest. I will then pose a question of the week for us all to get our teeth into. This week I will be asking “do the terms Euro game & Ameritrash mean anything any more or are they obsolete?”. Think #boardgamehour but with teams!

I look forward to seeing you on Friday 2pm (EST) to submit your questions to Scott (if you have not already done so, which would be helpful) and to join in the debate.

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