Sunday, 17 November 2013

Enthusiastic - Highlight Reel

It's really great to know that lots of the people who take part in #boardgamehour are really getting a lot out of it. I wanted to share their enthusiasm with you:

Sarcastic Robot ‏@Sarcastic_Robot
"#BoardGameHour is the top of my trends!!"

The Author M ‏@TheAuthorM
"@BoardGameHour #boardgamehour and the crowd goes wild!!!!"

Indie Cardboard ‏@IndieCardboard
"#boardgamehour is my favorite part of Monday. Even better than lunch. Shut up, stomach, nobody's talking to you."

Meester Pepper ‏@MeesterPepper
"#BoardGameHour My first one, so much fun! And a brand new reason why Tuesday is the worst day of the week. Monday doesn't deserve the hate"
WeaponsgradeTabletop ‏@WGTabletop
"Another successful #BoardGameHour, helps keep me feeling good while being sick."

Darla Salva Cruz ‏@QuietIAmReading
"Does anyone have a time machine? I would like to borrow it and skip to next week's #boardgamehour please!"

Eric Handler ‏@reldnahcire
"The most depressing thing about @BoardGameHour's #BoardGameHour is how quickly everyone goes back to the "real world" #myrealworldisgames"

alex hurr ‏@alex_hurr
"@BoardGameHour as a first timer today, this was amazing! What an awesome community, see you next week :D #boardgamehour"

Nick Baker ‏@Nyobari
"And #boardgamehour hit inspiration for an Elder Gods hidden role game. Extremely simple, yet insane. Just like it should be."

Across the Board ‏@Board_Crossing
"@alex_hurr @BoardGameHour Spread the word! The more people, the better the conversation about games. We love this community! #boardgamehour"

Tony Nanthavong ‏@LiterallyTony
"I can't believe I didn't notice #BoardGameHour trending!! #sadface
I guess there's always next time.. :-/
On that note, what'd I miss?"

NOTE: Lots Tony... Lots!

Sarcastic Robot ‏@Sarcastic_Robot
"Best thing about #boardgamehour? I find great people to follow and gain new followers! All based on the thing we love!!"

Micah Jo ‏@Bebeness
"Awe, trending right when it's over. Such a bummer. But awesome nonetheless. #boardgamehour"

Noelene Clark ‏@NoeleneClark
"Jealous of you non-working folks participating in #BoardGameHour... I want to get my 7 Wonders on. :)"

NOTE: I think lots of people who take part in #boardgamehour are workers, we just make sure we are not working at 2pm (EST) every Monday :-)

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