Saturday, 16 November 2013

Down the rabbit hole - Highlight Reel

We have a topic of the week for each #boardgamehour but its a guide not a rule. The topic names are intentionally loose to encourage people to take them in their own direction. We also often have groups go down their own little rabbit holes. Here are just some of the paths people went down this week:

Tiffany ‏@TheOneTar
"Has anyone ever been tempted to deal out JUST traitor cards in a hidden role game? Anyone actually do it? #boardgamehour"

Walt ‏@Waltimedes
"Do you think the rise of hidden traitor/semi coop games is from a desire to be competitive without confrontation?  #boardgamehour"

64 Ounce Games ‏@64ozGames
"-R Breaking news! #Cylon joke old 2 hours prior to #BoardGameHour"

Daniel Solis ‏@DanielSolis
"@TheOneTar I'd love to make a game where everyone's a traitor, but no one knows who is betraying whom. #boardgamehour"

Eric Handler ‏@reldnahcire
"#boardgamehour seems like this week I should say Nov. 5th inspired an idea for a hidden role game. Gotta collect those barrels of gunpowder!"

John E. Schroeder ‏@artesianmind
"@CapBoardgames @reldnahcire @BoardGameHour I wonder if there's board game insurance for refreshment disasters. #BoardGameHour"

Stephane Brochu ‏@Genialgenius
"@BoardGameHour is there a game which allows 1 player to become a traitor? Not pre-established, but as a choice? #BoardGameHour"

Cardiff RAWSoc ‏@RAWSoc
"Love the huge variation in Hidden Role. Sometimes role is crucial (Werewolf), others almost incidental (Lords of Waterdeep). #BoardGameHour"

LudiCreations ‏@LudiCreations
"Is it a case that hidden role games really show you what type of game group you have? #boardgamehour"

DJ B Radd ‏@DJ_B_Radd
"Ever just intentionally screw people over in Semi-CoOp games because you know you're going to lose? #BoardGameHour @BoardGameHour"

Nick Baker ‏@Nyobari
"Playing the players is what really makes a hidden role game fun for me. Outwitting with incomplete and misleading info. #boardgamehour"

Couple vs. Cardboard ‏@CoupleVs
"Seems like a lot of folks like the semi-cooperative aspect of hidden roles. Are there different HR mechanics as compelling? #BoardGameHour"

Fredrik Malmberg ‏@FredMalmberg
"There is a race in Cosmic Encounter that can switch identity, can't remember which, anyone? #boardgamehour"

Zee Y ‏@ZeeLoveGeeks
"In honor of Veterans Day, we play war games Risk today. Conquer the moon, the middle earth, the world. #BoardGameHour #VeteransDay"

Mirror Box Games ‏@MirrorBoxGames
"How come nobody is talking about #TwilightImperium's Fall of the Empire scenario?  It's amazing. Best 12 hours ever!  #boardgamehour"

Darla Salva Cruz ‏@QuietIAmReading
"In games like Waterdeep, if your hidden role is revealed it doesn't drastically affect the chance of winning. Agree/disagree?"

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