Thursday, 14 November 2013

#BoardGamersAsk - Albino Dragon CEO Erik Dahlman

#BoardGamersAsk is your chance to ask questions of the "people behind the meeples"TM

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We are kicking off our series of Twitter based, board game community, crowd-sourced interviews with...
Erik Dahlman the CEO of Albino Dragon.

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Albino Dragon is a three person operation based in Austin, TX. They publish tabletop board games and have recently gone into producing custom poker playing cards, some of which have had some heavy hitting licenses like The Princess Bride, The Name of the Wind, and Call of Cthulhu. The company has raised about $900,000 over the course of 8 projects and continues to learn and grow in the crowd-funding space. 

Erik Dahlman started the company in 2012 and moved it from Silicon Valley to Silicon Hills in August of last year. Erik is an avid gamer and all around geek, although in his own words he has had difficulty mastering the art of growing facial hair.
So my question is - what will #BoardGamersAsk Erik Dahlman

You may ask - how does #BoardGamersAsk work?
It's simple, we will announce a interviewee (Erik). Once we have posted your guest, you have 24hrs to ask him a question using hash-tag #BoardGamersAsk on twitter. To see what everyone else is asking just search for the same hashtag! After the question time is closed, we will send the best ones to the Interviewee. When we get the answers back we will post the interview, that you could be part of, on this site!

You can stay up to date with #boardgamersask just by following @boardgamersask

Remember - You, the board gamers, get to ask questions of industry insiders.

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