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Highlights from Halloween #boardgamehour (28/10/2013)

Dear, lovely, Twittererererereres (that’s the collective noun right?): here are just some highlights of what was talked about on Monday. If you want the full thing you need to join in next week. 

***Spoiler ALERT***  
TableTop and Geek & Sundry mentioned us this week! 
Then so did Mr Dork Tower/Munchkin Art, John Kovalic
***Spoiler OVER***  

So the topic for the 2nd ever (this will become more relevant later) #boardgamehour was Halloween and before we even got the conversation started, someone mentioned Betrayal at House on the Hill!

The Flying Sheep - ‏@the_FlyingSheep - "Now taking bets on the number of times "Betrayal" is mentioned on #boardgamehour."

This lead to a discussion about what games we loved to play at Halloween, and here are some of the games that were mentioned:

Kyle Hendricks - ‏@KRobVW - "My Halloween go to is totally A Touch of Evil. I still need to get a game in with ALL the expansions and max players. #boardgamehour"

Rhiannon Ochs - @rhiochs - "Fury of Dracula. Fearsome Floors. #boardgamehour"

Jack O' Dantern - ‏@DanielSolis - "Straying from board games a little, but the scariest tabletop game to me is Dread. Jenga with stakes = Instant Tension. #boardgamehour"

Maverick Muse ‏- @NigelPyne - "Yep, Elder Sign does it for me #boardgamehour"

Indie Cardboard - ‏@IndieCardboard - "A Touch of Evil is our stand out Halloween hit, though looking forward to playing King of Tokyo's Halloween expansion too. #boardgamehour"

John E. Schroeder ‏- @artesianmind - "Halloween's kid's play, but an old favorite on my shelf: 13 Dead End Drive. #boardgamehour"

The Wolfman M ‏- @TheAuthorM - "Betrayal at House on the Hill is definitely the best board game homage to Halloween. The references are endless. "

The Flying Sheep ‏- @the_FlyingSheep - "Betrayal is a great experience game. Don't play it for strategy, though. #BoardGameHour"

MinistryofBoardGames ‏- @MofBG - "my wedding anniversary is Halloween & I am getting Escape - Curse of the Temple as a present, so I'll be playing that.. "

----- The list really does go on so I'm not going to list them all... But talking about good games for Halloween led us onto atmosphere and tension in games:

Rhiannon Ochs - ‏@rhiochs - "I'd like to know about your spooky board game soundtracks. Anyone listen to them while playing? #boardgamehour"

Kyle Hendricks - ‏@KRobVW - "The Soundtrack for Last Night on Earth and Touch of Evil are amazing. #boardgamehour"

MicHELL Huven-MORTE - ‏@michaeldhm - "BSG soundtrack w/ BSGBG. 1940s big band w/ Manhattan Project. EDM w/ Netrunner. Love it." 

MinistryofBoardGames - ‏@MofBG - "is it possible to really get horror tension into a tabletop game? what mechanic would help? #boardgamehour"

Jack O' Dantern ‏- @DanielSolis - "Hard to get straight up scares from a board game, but tension, paranoia, and worry are abundant. #boardgamehour"

Stephane Brochu ‏@Genialgenius - "I tend to agree that tension/scares come more from role-playing than straight up mechanics" 

Chris Darden - ‏@cbdarden - "Best bang for your buck tension I've seen in a game is Buster Balloon.. people are really nervous about rolling 2s or 3s. #boardgamehour"

Quirkative - ‏@Quirkative - "Got to say music combined with sound effects. Most sensual for a game. #EasilyLead #Escape . Worked on under 12s"

Indie Cardboard ‏@IndieCardboard - "Yep, we always play the Indiana Jones soundtrack when playing Fortune & Glory. Atmosphere ++. #boardgamehour"

Marie-Hélène R.-N.- ‏@mariehelene84 -"We play Last  Night on Earth every Halloween, with the soundtrack that goes with the game! #boardgamehour"

John E. Schroeder - ‏@artesianmind  - "RE atmosphere 4 gaming, playing CA$H&GUNS in a dark room w/a single light hanging above the table works well. #boardgamehour"

Tiffany ‏@TheOneTar - "I always like to add tension to my board games by making them clothing-optional. Or strip versions. #boardgamehour"

The Wolfman M ‏- @TheAuthorM - "Try Bruno Faduitti's Mascarade, the most intense hidden role game. #boardgamehour"

------ And we talked about some other stuff too... ‏- @BoardGameTravel  - "Thinks out load... Halloween board game holiday.. Thoughts anyone? #boardgamehour"

Terra Nova Games ‏- @TerraNovaGames - "What if @boardgamehour is a group of employers compiling a list of all their employees who are tweeting instead of working?! #boardgamehour"

Board Game Hour - ‏@BoardGameHour - "SSSSSHHHHH or you are fired! #boardgamehour #nooneiswatchingyouhonest #noreally #itlookslikeworkfromtheothersideoftheroom"

Rhiannon Ochs ‏- @rhiochs - "What do we want? Time travel! When do we want it? It's irrelevant! #boardgamehour"

----- Then we noticed we were trending and geek stars were talking about us!

Board Game Hour - ‏@BoardGameHour - "Thanks to @the_FlyingSheep for showing us #boardgamehour trending! Wow!" 

TableTop - ‏@tabletop - "There are not enough words to describe how excited we are about #boardgamehour. What have you guys played recently?"

Geek & Sundry ‏- @GeekandSundry - "Congrats to @boardgamehour for trending! We'll be joining in next Monday. ;-) #boardgamehour"

John Kovalic - ‏@muskrat_john - "Have you started following @BoardGameHour yet? You should!"

----- So all in all it was quite awesome! Looking forward to next week.. See you then

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