Sunday, 22 December 2013

Christmas Message

This is a magical time of year for most people, but it can also be a lonely time for some. If you have neighbours who are not as lucky as you this Christmas, why not get them round and play a board game, it might make their holiday!

We at the Ministry hope that you have a lovely time and that all your dice roll high :0)

Friday, 20 December 2013

AEG preview Smashup cards during #boardgamehour

This weeks theme for #boardgamehour was Sci-fi and its was a great discussion (sorry if you missed it). my highlight of the week however was when a little (not really) board game company by the name of alderac entertainment group (AEG to you and I) popped up with some sneak previews of new Smash up cards! here they are:

For sci-fi theme today, here's a new preview of Smash Up: Science Fiction Double Feature!

Embedded image permalink

well thanks for the warm reception, makes us want to show another...

Ok 1 more! The Shapeshifters are infiltrating the Innsmouth-ians apparently!

Thanks again to AEG for sharing these with us!

Thursday, 19 December 2013

Daniel Solis Interview part 3 of 3

Embedded image permalink This is final part of a great interview. Not only did the board game community ask some great questions our guest provided some really interesting answers. Enjoy:

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask Before I forget, thanks for all your answers! Who would you want to see on this event next?
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask I'd love to pick Antoine Bauza's brain about making elegant, accessible systems.

@RMBLees #boardgamersask you’ve a few games on kickstarter now, do you think it’s a fad, or does it have a long future in BG industry?
@DanielSolis Crowdfunding as an model is here to stay. The platform/site for that funding may change over time, though. #boardgamersask

Wednesday, 18 December 2013

Daniel Solis Interview part 2 of 3

Embedded image permalink Here is part two of our Daniel Solis interview. Enjoy :0)

@64ozGames How much playtesting do you manage on so many titles? Do you have a harem of playtesters? #BoardGamersAsk
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask This year, I've been blessed with a regular and generous game community at my local game store. Any given Monday, there is a diverse and eager crowd of gamers at @Atomic_Empire. Great for game testing!

@MartyM1981 #boardgamersask how important is illustrations and theme compared to game play? I loved the way Belle of the Ball looked!
@DanielSolis #boardgamersask In the final production? Very important. I've turned down games because they just looked unfinished. But in development? I try to keep my protos very barebones. Keeps focus on the mechanics.

Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Daniel Solis Interview part 1 of 3

Embedded image permalinkOur guest for #boardgamersask on Friday 13th Dec was Award winning game designer Daniel Solis... Here is part one of his crowd sourced interview:

@BoardGamersAsk I'd imagine @danielsolis is around, so you can start asking questions as soon as he *waves*, its going to be good #boardgamersask
@DanielSolis Today's #boardgamersask coming to you live from the coffee shop by my local game store! Ask this man anything.

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask Is there a short version of how you got started with the board game hobby from a play and design standpoint?
@DanielSolis Played chess with my stepdad a lot. Couldn't win, so I changed the rules. That's how it began. #boardgamersask

#boardgamersask Ryan Metzler

Join us on Friday Dec 20th 2pm (EST) for our last live Q&A before an xmas break. Our guest this week is the Dice Towers own Ryan Metzler. Ryan specialises in Short snappy board game reviews.

Here is his profile information:

Ryan Metzler grew up on the basic board games: Monopoly, Risk, Trivial Pursuit, and the like. At a relatively young age he was introduced, through some friends, to Magic: The Gathering, and a true gaming addiction was born, although never nurtured and limited to the CCG scene. Due to progression through life (highschool, girls, college, the dreaded "real job", graduate school, and now the perpetual job search), Ryan lost touch with his gamer side for several years. In 2009, a rekindled friendship from his MtG days led Ryan back to his passion for gaming. He quickly found BGG, and has since amassed a modest collection of games, ranging from simple card games, to his preferred choice, the Heavy Eurogame. Ryan quickly became active in the gaming community in his efforts as a play tester, rules editor, and volunteer consultant for Alderac Entertainment Group. He gets great joy from reading about, watching, hearing about, and playing all sorts of games.

Ryan's involvement in the gaming community evolved in 2011, when he joined the video review staff of The Dice Tower ( Since, Ryan has posted reviews of over 350 board games to both YouTube and BoardGameGeek, garnering nearly 2 Million views. He is known for his extensive, yet easy to follow, rules explanations of complex games.

Ryan recently completed his Ph.D. in the field of Physiology & Biophysics. Located in Wisconsin, Ryan is neither a fan of cold weather nor snow. He hopes to delve even further into the gaming community, and one day flesh out one of the several game design concepts he has been neglecting for so long already.

Here are some examples of Ryan's reviews:

So the big question is how does #BoardGamersAsk work?

It's simple, we will announce a guest interviewee and give you a little bit of their background info. To take part in the live interview just be on twitter at the time and day listed below:

Every Friday - start times are:
7pm (GMT)
11am (PST)
12pm (MST)
1pm (CST)
2pm (EST)

To ask them a question just use hash-tag #BoardGamersAsk . To see what everyone else is asking or to see the answers being given by our guest just search for the same hashtag!

If you miss the event (try not to :-) don't worry we will put together the highlights for the interview and post them on this site.

For one hour every week, #BoardGamersAsk is your chance to ask questions of the "people behind the digital meeples"

Thursday, 12 December 2013

Rumrunners Interview

On Friday 6th of December the board game communitty got to put there questions to a group of software developers who were working on a digital board game... Here is what happened:

@RumrunnersGame Hey folks, we're ready to answer questions! #boardgamersask

@rhiochs Is Rumrunners timed? And, if so, why that instead of a multi-player turn-based game? Deception and intrigue on the go. #boardgamersask
@RumrunnersGame @rhiochs Rumrunners is timed. We've found that rounds can drag on depending on how strident people are. In rumrunners, the clock applies to everyone as turns are simultaneous -- discussion is the most important part. #boardgamersask"

Wednesday, 11 December 2013

Rumrunners pulled early

Today we can announce that Rumrunners has been cancelled, but the project creators are looking to bring it back in the future. Here's what they had to say:
"Hi Folks, Sad news for Rumrunners today. We've taken a look at the campaign from every angle that we can think of, and we've come to the conclusion that this campaign is not going to be funded in the remaining time. Therefore, we've decided to face this difficult decision head-on and cancel the campaign.

Tuesday, 10 December 2013

#boardgamersask Daniel Solis

Hi folks, this weeks LIVE #BoardGamersAsk guest is an multiple award-winning designer Daniel Solis!

Daniel is a game designer who has designed Happy Birthday, Robot! and Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple, both published by Evil Hat Productions and Smart Play Games. His most recent game is the card game Belle of the Ball which is being published by Dice Hate Me Games.

He does layout and graphic design for a wide range of games. Board game credits include Race to Adventure, Zeppelin Armada and Velociraptor! Cannibalism! Role-playing game credits include Reign, Delta Green, Freemarket, Shelter in Place, Houses of the Blooded and Lacuna.

He and his wife founded the Thousand-Year Game Design Challenge. A now-concluded competition for a $1,000 to create a game that will be played and enjoyed for the next thousand years. The challenge encouraged designers to think about the longevity, universality, elegance and sustainability of their games. More about the challenge at

He is also associate creative director at an advertising agency.
So the big question is how does #BoardGamersAsk work?

It's simple, we will announce a guest interviewee and give you a little bit of their background info. To take part in the live interview just be on twitter at the time and day listed below:

Every Friday - start times are:
7pm (GMT)
11am (PST)
12pm (MST)
1pm (CST)
2pm (EST)

To ask them a question just use hash-tag #BoardGamersAsk . To see what everyone else is asking or to see the answers being given by our guest just search for the same hashtag!

If you miss the event (try not to :-) don't worry we will put together the highlights for the interview and post them on this site.

For one hour every week, #BoardGamersAsk is your chance to ask questions of the "people behind the digital meeples"

Bureaucracy fail

Where is the #boardgamersask interview from Friday you ask.. Were are the highlights from yesterdays #boardgamehour you ask?

Well the answer is simple. We have hundreds of bureaucrats working day and night at the Ministry. Their only job is to collect the data from these two events, process it and bring it to my desk for me to post to this site.
From what I can make out of the plethora of internal memos, the kettle in the office has blown a muse. This unfortunately means section 354c of the "feed collection protocol" has been triggered. E.G. No work can take place without a cup of tea...

As soon as this problem has been fixed I will get the suited men and women back to work!

Sunday, 8 December 2013

Board Gaming Session

Just wanted to let you know that I am playing board games ALL DAY today so will not be posting anything here. Sorry to those of you not playing today, but surely knowing that I am makes it better?

If that does not make you feel better, why not sign up to our News Letter, that is bound to make you smile!

Saturday, 7 December 2013

#board game hour topic

The topic for this weeks #boardgamehour, as voted by you, is "House Rules"..

Do you like them? Do you use any, if so for which game? What does the new rule do to the game? Are there any game you would never house rule? Are you a game designer, how do you feel about house rules?

Come along and join in on our live twitter discussion - 7pm (GMT) 2pm (EST) - Monday December 9th!

News - new game from Terra Nova Games

Terra Nova Games have announced their new game "Ophir"and here's what they had to say:

"Terra Nova Games is excited to announce their next game release, “Ophir” (oh-feer), designed by Jason
D. Kingsley and Charles Wright. Ophir was discovered while it was on demo at the Publisher/Designer
speed dating event at BGGCon 2013 and is the debut design from Jason and Charles. ! !

Friday, 6 December 2013

#boardgamehour highlight suggestions

Hi Folks, just a quick post to say that with the amount of interesting conversation that happens during #boardgamehour each week it is easy for me to miss lots of it. If you have suggestions for highlights, just pop me an email and I'll do my best to put them together for all to see :-)

Just email:


Thursday, 5 December 2013

Line up until Xmas for #Boardgamersask

Hi Folks, thought you might want to know about who we have line up for you to do live Q&A's with before xmas. Here is the scheduled for you to put in your diary (don't pretend you don't):

December 6th - Palomino Labs - Designers of digital board game Rum runners

December 13th - Daniel Solis - Award winning game designer of Happy Birthday, Robot!; Do: Pilgrims of the Flying Temple; Belle of the Ball & Koi Pond

December 20th - Ryan Metzler - Board Game Reviewer for & former play tester, rules editor, and volunteer consultant for Alderac Entertainment Group

In the new year we have none other than Rob Daviau award-winning game designer whose games have been sold world-wide. His work included Risk Legacy, Betrayal at House on the Hill and the much anticipated SeaFall.

If you want us to keep getting such cool guests for you to ask questions of live on twitter then make sure you get involve each week.

Every Friday - start times are:
7pm (GMT)
11am (PST)
12pm (MST)
1pm (CST)
2pm (EST)

For one hour every week, #BoardGamersAsk is your chance to ask questions of the "people behind the meeples"

News - Ares Magazine set to launch

Are you interested in a science fiction magazine that comes with a board game in each issue?

One Small Step Games has announced a crowd-sourced funding campaign for Ares Magazine that will launch on 01 January 2014.

Wednesday, 4 December 2013

Highlight reel from #Boardgamehour - Games for the Holidays

We are approaching Christmas at break neck speed (I'm so excited) so this weeks topic for #boardgamehour was "Board Games for the holidays".

Once again you fine people trended across the Internet and there were even more people taking part than last week. Here is a very small look at some for the best bits:

Holiday re-skin for a board game
The @TheOneTar asked "What very un-holiday game do you wish there was a holiday reskin of? #BoardGameHour" and a monster idea was created

Tuesday, 3 December 2013

#boardgamersask Palomino Labs

Hi folks, We are back into our LIVE twitter Q&A format this week, Friday 2pm (EST) 7pm (GMT), and we have something a little different for you to get your teeth into! I was surfing twitter (literally standing on my phone) a few weeks ago and I came across a project that really caught my eye and then my imagination. 

RumrunnersIt was a game called Rumrunners, a traitor-based board game of deception and intrigue set during Prohibition. "Oh another one of those were wolf games" I thought, but hang on this has a twist. This is a game you play sat around a table with your friends, but it hinges on a digital component. This is based on an app for your phone, but with all the real life interaction of a board game. This is what got me thinking and it's the reason I want the board game community to ask these guys a lot of questions.

Monday, 2 December 2013

Answer for #boardgamersask Scott Nicholson

I am very excited to be able to post Scott Nicholson's answers to our #boardgamersask questions!

Here are the questions that you asked:

Saturday, 30 November 2013

#Boardgamehour - Games for the holidays

It's that time of year again when we are thinking... What games would I like for Christmas? What games should I buy Jimmy who loves dice games & hates direct conflict? What game should I bring to the table to play with my family? I've got a whole day with my friends over the holidays, what game should I play? 
Well #boardgamehour on Monday 2pm (EST) is the place to come to talk about it with the rest of the gaming community! See you there... Ho, Ho Ho!

Friday, 29 November 2013

Geoff Engelstein interview Part 4 of 4

This is the last part of the very interesting live #boardgamersask twitter interview that prolific podcaster & game designer Geoff Engelstein took part in last Friday.

#BoardGamersAsk Geoff Engelstein (part 4)

@Sarcastic_Robot #boardgamersask @gengelstein I've heard a legend about dice duels being created out of a desire to simplify space cadets. Is that true?

@gengelstein The origin story of Dice Duel: Prepare for a series of tweets :) An SC playtester suggested using square cards for helm so you could rotate them in the direction the ship was traveling. Thought it was a brilliant idea and talked to Stronghold who (rightfully) nixed it as artwork was already done and it would have required two sizes of cards, adding $$$. But just for fun I tested a dice-based version to get the same effect and realized it would work. Dice games were getting hot, so as a thought experiment we challenged ourselves to turn every station into a dice game and that ultimately led to Dice Duel. The thing that really unlocked the design was the Energy Dice idea that triggered the other stations to roll their dice. That led to the simultaneous dice-rolling craziness #BoardGamersAsk

@RhymeReply #BoardGamersAsk Are there any games that simulate time travel well? (Crossover with next week's #BoardGameHour topic).
@LooneyLabs RT @reldnahcire: @RhymeReply chrononauts by @AndrewLooney is an awesome time travel game and Andy should totally do #BoardGamersAsk!

@gengelstein Time Travel! That's another topic I would LOVE to can't figure out mechanics. Although I do have a cool idea for a mechanical-time-travel-board but can't figure out how to make it work IRL. I still think Time Wars from Yaquinto is one of the best Time Travel games ever. #BoardGamersAsk

@BoardGameBen Have you ever created playtesting AIs to help? #BoardGamersAsk

@gengelstein I have not created a playtesting AI. But I have done lots of spreadsheet work for probabilities. Also have written small programs to do monte carlo testing when the probabilities got too hairy. At PRACTICE one of the designers said he 'didn't want to deal with the math' because it would show through to the players and take them out of them game (psychologically). I was appalled. Math can be easily hidden from the players but short-circuits so much of the playtest time that you're foolish to just put things out there first #BoardGamersAsk

@NigelPyne #boardgamersask When you play games can you just enjoy them or do you find yourself dissecting them?

@gengelstein I both enjoy playing games and dissect them when I play. But I enjoy dissecting also, so that's a win all around :) #BoardGamersAsk

@gengelstein I really enjoyed answering these questions, and hope y'all got something out of this! Thanks so much for inviting me! #BoardGamersAsk

Once again I'd like to thank Geoff for taking an hour off work to take questions from the gaming community.

#BoardGamersAsk is your chance to ask questions of the "people behind the meeples"

Thursday, 28 November 2013

Geoff Engelstein interview Part 3 of 4

Geoff Engelstein#BoardGamersAsk Geoff Engelstein (part 3)

Here is the Penultimate part of this Live Q&A session. Once again thanks to Geoff for taking part :-)

@RMBLees #BoardGamersAsk @gengelstein if you could collaborate on a new game with any designer, who would it be, and why? @BoardGamersAsk

@gengelstein @rmblees I would love to collaborate with Vlaada Chvatil. I find the breadth of his designs astonishing. I love Uwe Rosenberg or Max Gertz (rondel) designs, but I could never revisit the same territory repeatedly. #BoardGamersAsk

@PlayCrossbones #BoardGamersAsk - What are the top three things a designer/publisher should do to promote a new game design and to build an audience?

Time in Games #Boardgamehour Highlights

The irony is that with all the cool projects we have going on, we only have time to scratch the surface of what happened during the Time in Games topic of #boardgamehour.

Here are just some of the highlights from this week.

We found out that some people play more board games than others:

@rhiochs - @BoardGameHour I'm probably around 20 hours of game play each week. #boardgamehour

@StellarisGames - @rhiochs @BoardGameHour 20 hours?! that's practically a part time job! (Jealous) #boardgamehour

We went on to talk about...

Format of Fridays #BoardGamersAsk

Most of the time #BoardGamersAsk will be done using our live Twitter Q&A format with a board game industry insider, lasting roughly an hour. 

There are two main reasons why this would be different:
1) When our guest of the week is answering your questions in a different way (Such as in the case of Scott who is, and how cool is this, answering your questions via a video) 
2) A guest is not able to take part at short notice. (this has to be planned for, but hopefully wont happen)

So what’s the alternative format?
If our guest is not live, such as this week, we will split the hour into two. We will start by submitting questions in the normal way, using the hashtag. These will be collected by me and sent to the guest. I will then pose a question of the week for us all to get our teeth into. This week I will be asking “do the terms Euro game & Ameritrash mean anything any more or are they obsolete?”. Think #boardgamehour but with teams!

I look forward to seeing you on Friday 2pm (EST) to submit your questions to Scott (if you have not already done so, which would be helpful) and to join in the debate.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone

Celebrating Thanksgiving today? We at the Ministry of Board Games hope you have a great time. If you are lucky enough to be with friends or family make the most of it, oh and why not break out the odd gateway game.

If you loved them, you would play board games with them!

Wednesday, 27 November 2013

Geoff Engelstein interview Part 2 of 4

Welcome back for part two of the live #boardgamersask twitter interview that prolific podcaster & game designer Geoff Engelstein. Here are more of the questions from the gaming community.

Geoff Engelstein

#BoardGamersAsk Geoff Engelstein (part 2)

@reldnahcire #boardgamersask Are you at BGGCon?

@gengelstein Unfortunately not at BGGCON. Had a choice between that and Essen, and chose Europe #BoardGamersAsk

@watcher_969 #BoardGamersAsk Have you had a design that ran into a lack of mechanics to support the game you wanted, do you change/scrap the game idea?

@gengelstein @watcher_969 I really want to do a Heist game, but can't figure out how to get mechanics to generate the experience. #BoardGamersAsk

You go onto ask...

#BoardGamersAsk Prof. Scott Nicholson

We are proud to announce that this weeks guest on #boardgamersask is none other than Prof. Scott Nicholson. This is not a live interview so you can get your questions in before or during #boardgamersask on Friday Nov 29th at 2pm (EST)
Want to know more about Scott...

Tuesday, 26 November 2013

Geoff Engelstein interview Part 1 of 4

This is part one of the very interesting live #boardgamersask twitter interview that prolific podcaster & game designer Geoff Engelstein took part in last Friday. I'd like to thank Geoff for taking an hour off work to take questions from the gaming community.

Geoff Engelstein#BoardGamersAsk Geoff Engelstein (part 1)

@watcher_969 #BoardGamersAsk @gengelstein A game idea with multiple paths and different game feel, do you design and playtest each one to find the best?

@gengelstein If a game has multiple strategies, you absolutely need to test them all to make sure they are balanced. Otherwise if they're not balanced there's no reason to have them. Outside playtest is also key to make sure people use them. And then try to understand why people aren't picking those options. #BoardGamersAsk

@BoardGamersAsk Geoff @RMBLees Asked "is there a game that you have always wanted to play, but never managed to get it to the table? #boardgamersask"

@gengelstein Games I want to play but haven't: A bunch of Splotters: Indonesia, Antiquity, and Greed Inc. #BoardGamersAsk

and we continue with...

Friday, 22 November 2013

Live #boardgamersask

Well I don't know about you but I really enjoyed the live #boardgamersask with Geoff Engelstein! I will be turning the twitter Q&A into a formatted interview and posting it here early next week. Just thought I'd let you lovely people know...

Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Highlight Reel: Recommendations for those new to Worker Placement

Here are the highlights from an interesting question posed by Geek and Sundry.

@GeekandSundry "Seasoned Players: What are your top recommendations for board gamers new to Worker Placement games? #tabletop #boardgamehour"

@TableForged "@GeekandSundry Lord of Waterdeep, hands downs. #boardgamehour"

@CapBoardgames "@GeekandSundry Lords of Waterdeep & Carcassone are two of the best gateway Worker Placement Games. #tabletop #boardgamehour"

I think this post lead to a big discussion about wether Carcassone is a worker placement game, but we will leave that for another highlight reel :-)

We continue with...

Tuesday, 19 November 2013

Highlight Reel: Define Worker Placement #boardgamehour

It's Highlight reel time again! 

In case you don't know, because you have stumbled onto this site looking for Her Majesty's Revenues and Customs, each Monday we do #boardgamehour at 2pm (EST) on Twitter.

We like to put together some highlights of what people said during the hour. More and more people are joining in each week, which means more and more tweets! This is great, but it means reading through it all and putting together these posts takes me longer and longer. As a result I am going to do daily small chunks instead of the bigger ones I was doing. This will be quicker and easier to read, and mean that we can spend time doing reviews, comment pieces and telling you about other events (Like the one on Friday - check out the post below).

Here is your highlight real of the day: Define Worker Placement?

@BenRosset "Question for #boardgamehour: when does #workerplacement stop and simple action selection start?  What's the line/definition?"

@BoardGameHour "@BenRosset Your choices can be limit by other peoples decisions is my answer #boardgamehour"

@ECSpiegel "@BenRosset When an action selected blocks others from being able to do so, by physically placing a piece somewhere. #boardgamehour"

@WardenF16 "@BenRosset I would argue when you are constantly shifting the same pieces around #boardgamehour"

@ImBoardWithLife "@ECSpiegel @BenRosset Yeah, that's what I'd generally agree with. exceptions will always exist, but this is a good rule of thumb #boardgamehour"

@BenRosset "@ImBoardWithLife @ECSpiegel I like that definition Eric! @BoardGameHour pretty much said same thing too. #boardgamehour"

Do you think we nailed it? Leave your comments below ;-)

Note: Just so you know why there are sometimes mistakes in my posts... My proof reader just used the sentence "I'm not the most best at English". I'm still laughing!

Monday, 18 November 2013

Live #BoardGamersAsk with Geoff Engelstein

I am so very excited to announce that our first ever live #BoardGamersAsk is with the esteemed Geoff Engelstein. In the interests of balance, before you read on I have to admit that I'm a massive fan of Mr Engelstein!

What do you need to know about Geoff?

As a board game commentator and analysis he is a regular contributor to the podcast The Dice Tower, hosting the GameTek segment. In this segment he talks about "how board games really work". He co-hosts the podcast Ludology, an analytical discussion of the how’s and why’s of the world of board games.

As a board game designer Geoff has co-designed, with his children, some of the biggest hits of the last two years:

The Ares Project
In The Ares Project, 2-4 players are competing to see which of their factions will lead mankind into the future. Each faction has its own deck of cards, buildings, upgrades, attacks, special powers, and a screen behind which a player will play cards. Your opponents do not know what you are building. When a player lays down an attack card, he chooses an opponent, the players drop their screens, and they battle for control of the Frontier, i.e. the center of the table. Whoever controls the Frontier scores points and also has the ability to attack player bases directly. Eliminate your opponent to win instantly, or have the most points when the game ends.

Space Cadets
It's your lifelong dream – to join the Star Patrol and be part of the crew of an interstellar Starship. You've worked hard, graduated from the academy, and received your first assignment as part of a team of young recruits, confident in your training and ready to be put to the test. Nothing can possibly go wrong as you are prepared for anything...
You are the Space Cadets.

Space Cadets is a fun and frantic cooperative game for 3-6 players who take on the roles of Bridge Officers of a Starship. Each officer must accomplish his specific task in order for the team to successfully complete the mission.

Space Cadets: Dice Duel
The "Team vs. Team, Real-time, Dice-Rolling Game of Starship Combat!" – pits two spaceships against one another in quick-paced combat. The players are divided into two teams, each team playing the crew of a ship and winning or losing together based on how well they perform. The game ends when one side destroys their opponent by causing four points of damage through torpedoes or mines.

If you would like to know more about Geoff, his podcasting, game designs or anything else you can think of, join us on twitter this Friday November 22nd  - start times are:
7pm (GMT)
11am (PST)
12pm (MST)
1pm (CST)
2pm (EST)
To ask Geoff a question just use hash-tag #BoardGamersAsk . To see what everyone else is asking or to see the answers being given by our guest just search for the same hashtag!
For one hour every week, #BoardGamersAsk is your chance to ask questions of the "people behind the meeples"

Sunday, 17 November 2013

Enthusiastic - Highlight Reel

It's really great to know that lots of the people who take part in #boardgamehour are really getting a lot out of it. I wanted to share their enthusiasm with you:

Sarcastic Robot ‏@Sarcastic_Robot
"#BoardGameHour is the top of my trends!!"

The Author M ‏@TheAuthorM
"@BoardGameHour #boardgamehour and the crowd goes wild!!!!"

Indie Cardboard ‏@IndieCardboard
"#boardgamehour is my favorite part of Monday. Even better than lunch. Shut up, stomach, nobody's talking to you."

Interview with Ben Rosset - #Boardgamersask

Our second crowd sourced interview using #boardgamersask was with rising star board game designers Ben Rosset. Here is the interview that the board game community helped create...

Robin Lees - @RMBLees asked:
#boardgamersask what part of game design do you find most frustrating?

Ben RossetBen Answers: "Finding enough play testers and having enough time to test. So often I feel like there might be 5 ways to solve a particular design challenge, and I'd love to build out and fully test all of them and compare to see what the right answer is, but that feels daunting when you have limited testing time. So I end up having to rely on pure intuition a bit more than I'd like, in a perfect world." - @BoardGameTravel asked:
Ben, who is your biggest inspiration as a board game designer? #boardgamersask 

Ben RossetBen Answers: "My biggest inspiration are the guys (and girls) who are totally open about their process. They post all their new games as free Print and Plays, blog about the details of their design process, and are constantly looking for feedback from the community. It takes an incredible amount of trust, humility and passion to do that. I'm thinking of guys like Daniel Solis, Grant Rodiek and Chevee Dodd, but there are so many others!"

We continued with...

Saturday, 16 November 2013

Down the rabbit hole - Highlight Reel

We have a topic of the week for each #boardgamehour but its a guide not a rule. The topic names are intentionally loose to encourage people to take them in their own direction. We also often have groups go down their own little rabbit holes. Here are just some of the paths people went down this week:

Tiffany ‏@TheOneTar
"Has anyone ever been tempted to deal out JUST traitor cards in a hidden role game? Anyone actually do it? #boardgamehour"

Walt ‏@Waltimedes
"Do you think the rise of hidden traitor/semi coop games is from a desire to be competitive without confrontation?  #boardgamehour"

64 Ounce Games ‏@64ozGames
"-R Breaking news! #Cylon joke old 2 hours prior to #BoardGameHour"

Daniel Solis ‏@DanielSolis
"@TheOneTar I'd love to make a game where everyone's a traitor, but no one knows who is betraying whom. #boardgamehour"

Eric Handler ‏@reldnahcire
"#boardgamehour seems like this week I should say Nov. 5th inspired an idea for a hidden role game. Gotta collect those barrels of gunpowder!"

John E. Schroeder ‏@artesianmind
"@CapBoardgames @reldnahcire @BoardGameHour I wonder if there's board game insurance for refreshment disasters. #BoardGameHour"

Stephane Brochu ‏@Genialgenius
"@BoardGameHour is there a game which allows 1 player to become a traitor? Not pre-established, but as a choice? #BoardGameHour"

Cardiff RAWSoc ‏@RAWSoc
"Love the huge variation in Hidden Role. Sometimes role is crucial (Werewolf), others almost incidental (Lords of Waterdeep). #BoardGameHour"

LudiCreations ‏@LudiCreations
"Is it a case that hidden role games really show you what type of game group you have? #boardgamehour"

DJ B Radd ‏@DJ_B_Radd
"Ever just intentionally screw people over in Semi-CoOp games because you know you're going to lose? #BoardGameHour @BoardGameHour"

Nick Baker ‏@Nyobari
"Playing the players is what really makes a hidden role game fun for me. Outwitting with incomplete and misleading info. #boardgamehour"

Couple vs. Cardboard ‏@CoupleVs
"Seems like a lot of folks like the semi-cooperative aspect of hidden roles. Are there different HR mechanics as compelling? #BoardGameHour"

Fredrik Malmberg ‏@FredMalmberg
"There is a race in Cosmic Encounter that can switch identity, can't remember which, anyone? #boardgamehour"

Zee Y ‏@ZeeLoveGeeks
"In honor of Veterans Day, we play war games Risk today. Conquer the moon, the middle earth, the world. #BoardGameHour #VeteransDay"

Mirror Box Games ‏@MirrorBoxGames
"How come nobody is talking about #TwilightImperium's Fall of the Empire scenario?  It's amazing. Best 12 hours ever!  #boardgamehour"

Darla Salva Cruz ‏@QuietIAmReading
"In games like Waterdeep, if your hidden role is revealed it doesn't drastically affect the chance of winning. Agree/disagree?"

Interview - #BoardGamersAsk Erik Dahlman

Thanks for all of you who joined in with the first every #BoardGamersAsk. Here is YOUR interview with Albino Dragon CEO Erik Dahlman.

Hi Eric, thanks for being our first guest on #boardgamersask. It is great to have a company involved who are clearly growing from strength to strength. It will be really interesting to read your answers to these brilliant questions. So lets get started...

LudiCreations - ‏@LudiCreations asked:
Hi Eric, what do you find most challenging about running a good Kickstarter campaign?

Albino Dragon Erik answers:
"Maintaining momentum. Many project creators get very excited in the first couple days when funding is rolling in, then they become anxious when they hit a plateau until the end of the project where another round of funding comes in. The hardest thing to do in any project is to find new ways to engage your backers. The key to this is to plan for the plateau before you ever start the project. Plan for ways to keep people engaged, plan for ways to keep momentum."

Eric Handler - ‏@reldnahcire followed up that question with:
Eric- How does backer volume impact running a campaign? 

Albino Dragon Erik answers:
"The number of backers has a huge impact on a campaign for several reasons. The first is that with a greater number of backers, the more individual questions and comments that need to be answered. This also carries over to time spent on order fulfillment and, because it generates more funding (or at least it should), it can impact the number and type of stretch goals and rewards that can be provided."

Amy Reid - ‏@ByAmyReid asked:
If you could play a game with any group of famous people living or dead who would it be? Also what game?

Albino DragonErik answers:
"Magic with Mark Gottlieb. I used to read his columns about deck building and the man is a devious, outside the box thinker and I dig that."
We continued with...

Friday, 15 November 2013

#BoardGamersAsk - Ben Rosset - Designer of Mars Needs Mechanics and Brew Crafters

We are just finding our feet with #BoardGamersAsk so it seems sensible to run before we can walk! That's right we are doing a double feature in week one. From now on we will be limiting ourselves to a maximum of one interviewee per week... This week however is different! Thanks for your questions to Erik (he is looking them over as you read), we will post the interview soon. Now you get to ask questions of Ben as well.

Here is what you need to know about Ben Rosset

Ben has been designing board and card games for about 5 years. His first published game, Mars Needs Mechanics, was successfully funded on Kickstarter in October 2012 and is now available online and in local game stores. His second game, Brew Crafters, about running a craft brewery and brewing beer, is currently on Kickstarter and has already met over 200% of its funding goal. The campaign runs until November 24th.
Ben has an economics background and currently works full time as a web design project manager. His passion is Eurogaming, but he also enjoys strategic card games and deduction games. He lives in Washington, DC. He says the best thing about being a game designer is interacting with the amazing community of designers, testers, gamers and publishers that he has come to know. 

You may ask - how does #BoardGamersAsk work?
It's simple, we will announce a interviewee (Ben). Once we have posted your guest, you have 24hrs to ask him a question using hash-tag #BoardGamersAsk on twitter. To see what everyone else is asking just search for the same hashtag! After the question time is closed, we will send the best ones to the Interviewee. When we get the answers back we will post the interview, that you could be part of, on this site!

Your clue to the next guest is: "He is a ludological genius, who you would want on your bridge."

You can stay up to date with #boardgamersask by following @boardgamersask

#BoardGamersAsk is your chance to ask questions of the "people behind the meeples"TM